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The Noverflo Multipoint Tank Gauge (NMTG) represents a novel technology of level sensing. The NMTG approaches the ideal liquid level gauge because it is feature rich and competitively priced. The technology consists of an array of fiber optic sensors that respond to changes in the index of refraction of the environment. The array incorporates an overfill alarm and water/oil interface detection.  The NMTG is the only tank gauging device which is capable of measuring levels to 1/16" in highly density stratified liquids.  With partial support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the device has matured through 12 years of R&D.  Thousands of hours of field-testing in extremely harsh environments demonstrate the reliability of this technology in the real world. Considering measurement accuracy, ease of installation, and range of applications the NMTG is by far the most cost effective technology for continuous level measurements of fuels, oils, water and chemicals.  The low cost is a result of the simple design of the sensors and the data acquisition system.  For custody transfer accuracy  the NMTG point level sensors are combined with a pressure transmitter.  For additional information contact:




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Noverflo Inc., Rockville, MD. has more than 12 years experience in the development of fiber optic sensors and automatic shut-off valves for tanks. The company’s main mission is to develop low cost fiber optic sensors from inception through field-testing and license successful products to selected customers.

Because of its small size the company has partnered with midsize companies such as Midland Mfg. Inc, OMNTEC Mfg. New Horizon Diagnostics Co, Norfolk Southern Co. and Core Engineered Solutions, Inc.

The NMTG sensors are covered by four US patents (two pending). The company owns three additional patents in areas relating to environmental monitoring.